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  This site is dedicated to Dani Moonstar, the Cheyenne mutant who was one of the founding members of the New Mutants.  The New Mutants were Charles Xavier's second set of students who he took into the school when the X-Men were believed to have been killed by the Brood.

Originally, the New Mutants were only supposed to learn to use their abilities due to Xavier being distraught over the lost of the X-Men. However, with the return of the X-Men and the removal of the Brood Queen who was inhabiting the body of Xavier, the New Mutants became the training ground for the next generation of X-Men.

During her time at Xavier's Dani, along with the other New Mutants as well as the X-Men, went on a journey to Asgard. Upon rescuing a winged horse Dani joined the ranks of the Valkyrior, a link that would span another journey to the mythological realm which would result in her leaving the New Mutants and staying behind, and her eventual return to Earth.

While what resulted during her second stay is unknown, she has told others she was cast out from Asgard though her link to the Valkyrie remains strong enough to result in them entrusting her with their 'heart' and a third trip to Asgard. This third trip would eventually lead to her leaving the MLF to rejoin some of her former New Mutants in the rebellious, proactive team X-Force.

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